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31 | Technical SEO in 2019 with Fili Wiese

Fili Wiese is an SEO expert at Search Brothers. He used to work at Google, specifically in Search Quality and now helps clients with visibility. He specialises in technical SEO and I’ve seen him do a site speed presentation (at SearchMetrics) that blew my mind. Fundamental Technical SEO areas It’s important to start with accessibility […]


22 | Crawling and Indexing with Charlie Williams

Charlie and I met at a Brighton SEO speakers party a couple of years ago and so we thought we’d catch up about SEO tech, specifically crawling and indexing to help you with the fundamentals. Twitter: @pagesauce Email: [email protected] Site: Charlie works as an SEO consultant at Chopped but used to work for Screaming […]


21 | Technical Bugbears with Google | GDPR, JS & HTML

Simon Cox has been in the SEO industry for a few years but has been building websites for 25 years. He has done different aspects of SEO from 1998, when keywords were a thing! For a long time, he worked with HSBC until he went freelance last year, after dragging the bank into the 21st […]