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41 | Google Tag Manager with Gerry White from Just Eat

Gerry White is an SEO consultant working as Tech SEO Lead with Just Eat. He sometimes does freelance analytics work too, finding out of the box solutions. Gerry runs Take it Offline, a conference/fun social for SEO and Digital Marketers where I usually tend to catch him and have a chat.  He has worked with […]


26 | Guaranteeing SEO Results with Rory Truesdale

This is Episode 26 of SEO with Mrs Ghost and it’s all about what’s happening in the industry socially. We picked out two hot topics. 1) Can you guarantee SEO results? 2) What to do when you see an algorithm update. Sounds simple? Guess again and listen to the episode below: Rory Truesdale (@roryT11 on […]