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48 | How to Collaborate with Tech Teams with Areej AbuAli

This week, I am joined by Areej AbuAli, SEO manager at Zoopla. We talk about how tech SEOs can coordinate and collaborate better with teams internally (mainly focusing on client-side.) Areej started at agency side, with an array of clients. Recently, she started in her first client-side role. She has a background in computer engineering.  […]


26 | Guaranteeing SEO Results with Rory Truesdale

This is Episode 26 of SEO with Mrs Ghost and it’s all about what’s happening in the industry socially. We picked out two hot topics. 1) Can you guarantee SEO results? 2) What to do when you see an algorithm update. Sounds simple? Guess again and listen to the episode below: Rory Truesdale (@roryT11 on […]


16 | Return on Investment with Deepak Shukla

Deepak and I chat about return on investment for search engine optimisation tasks specifically. We cover helpful tracking tools and managing client expectations as well as share our own secret to success. Listen in and be a pro at calculating your own SEO ROI. “Demonstrating the value of data that they’re already sitting on has […]