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27 | How to Prepare for Voice Search with John Brasington

Voice search is still at this, ‘how is this thing going to work?’ stage. So, I’ve brought in a guest who has been doing lots of testing and experimenting around voice search. John Brasington, Head of Search at Pi Datametrics, has a background in technical SEO but gets the freedom to do a lot of […]


14 | Voice Search & Devices with Nick Wilsdon

“There’s almost a backlash around voice search” Nick Wilsdon points out during the podcast episode around voice search, devices and discoverability. Voice should be a complimentary tool that is used by a brand so don’t go forgetting your sites and SEO. However, although there may be a degree of hype around voice search, it’s sensible […]


7 | Artificial Intelligence in SEO with Gabriella Galluccio

Artificial intelligence, such as machine learning, is becoming more prominent in the search industry. Join our conversation as we discuss how it’s affecting us right now and what things you must consider to optimise and future-proof your site. About Gabriella Galluccio: SEO & content manager at Robert Dyas Previously worked for PiDatametrics Machine Learning: It’s […]