SEO Halloween Costumes


For Halloween 2019 I encouraged the Digital Marketing community to dress up. We did it in the name of charity too, donating to people in our industry who are in need, such as Greg Gifford and his family as well as Michelle Stinson Ross.

Here are some of the awesome SEO Halloween costumes.

Cloaking Costume
SEO unicorn
Cloaking in SEO (left) & Pirated content (right)
Penguin links SEO Halloween Costume
HEADLESS CMS – SEO Halloween Costume by Nick Wilsdon
Black Hat SEO
Pirate algorithm update (left)

Mummy, hidden content (right.) Why hidden content? WELL – I’m Pregnant! Get it? Mummy… hidden content…

Here’s my team and I dressed up as ‘SEO SCARES’ in 2018…