55 | Pure Link Building for Beginners with Kris Reid


Kris Reid from Ardor SEO, an SEO agency based in South East Asia and globally. 

Kris is a link building expert who started with this strand of SEO and now doing content and analysis for his clients. 

He learnt software engineering and worked in finance before the financial crisis. Then he travelled the world and ended up building this online software for link building. He learnt how to get people to his website and back then, it was building forum links and so on. This tool is still used, especially in SEO agencies.

In 2020 SEO, you need high quality links and relevant content to be created for websites who will reference you using a link. Forum links aren’t as bad as you think, if it’s relevant then it’s great brand awareness. So, even if it doesn’t help with rankings it’s good for getting new customers and clients. Kris shares examples on the show. 

Where do you start for link building?

There are all types of clients, Kris says, and each one with a different campaigns. Some go up against highly competitive industries/rankings, such as ‘hotels in Sydney’ so what they do is contact other hotels (not direct competitors) and provide useful information about the lifestyle of someone who would be looking for a hotel. You provide content for their site and in return they’ll give you a relevant link. 

A training authority guide was another method, because by getting contributions from other people they were then happy to share the content and link to the content piece when it was published. These offer good shares and great amplification of the content via social media, which means more eyeballs on what you’ve put together. Basically, find sites that are not in direct competition and then provide content to get great backlinks.

Guest Posting for Link Building

Guest posting still works. Put yourself out as an authority in the subject and field that you’re in. Position yourself there because you know what you’re talking about and develop the brand and its growth this way. Potential customers will find you through these means as all builds up the brand. It’s the same signals that Google is looking for!

Relevancy is key though, it has to be a good site that you write guest posts for. You also tend to spend a lot of time creating content for someone else so make sure you get a good link out of it rather than wasting your time. Have a think about the site’s audience; is it relatable to your brand and perfect for finding potential customers via the link? Don’t just think about the link authority itself. 

How to find sites that offer guest posting?

  • Find other sites that have ‘guest post’ in the title by searching for it on Google itself.
  • Look out for opportunities within the industry. Sometimes you need to be at the right place at the right time.
  • Outreach. Are the sites if they’re interested in this content. 
  • Bribes work says Kris, offering experiences, services and products in exchange for reviews and content with a reference (aka link.) Kris says an example is free teeth whitening.
  • Look for sites to partner with and add value to. For example those looking for expert advice. 
  • Getting traditional media to be aware of your brand is great digital PR that brings authoritative links.  
  • New ways of collaborating and offering content, like guesting on podcasts, works well too.

Google continues to evolve but trying to weed out the rubbish. You still need a fast loading site and one that is technically sound. You need quality backlinks and you should be appearing well. It’s just getting more competitive, says Kris. 

When to bring in an agency to help?

Kris recommends the book Clockwork, stick to what you do and analyse people’s time to ensure that’s what people are doing rather than doing meetings and calls. Maximise your time on doing what your service is. You want your site to rank and don’t have time to optimise it? Then get experts to make it more visible. Take your business to the next level so getting an agency is about investing. It should bring you a positive result rapidly, says Kris. 

Don’t waste your time learning something because you should be busy running your business. 

“It’s more down to niche than territory or location for rankings.” – Kris Reid

I recommend that you don’t go after the big keywords if you’re starting out, go for those niche and long tail keywords. Work your way around the highly competitive areas. You will need a good content strategy. Think about the user intent via search and what content you’re creating to fit this. Listen to my awesome episode with Dan Shure who talks all about this and more.

Where Do you Start? Hint: it’s not just about link building…

  • Keyword Research. What are customers looking for, transactional and informational.
  • Competition. Where the site ranks and what are others doing. 
  • Audit. What can be fixed and in what order. Technical as well as CRO.
  • Goals. How many customers is the brand converting and how many do you want. This will determine budget and setting realistic targets – and whether you need an agency or not!

Google ‘the Coolest Guy in SEO’ to find Kris Reid or email him via [email protected].

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