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Brighton SEO is a conference for Digital Marketers interested in SEO (mostly) but there are other topics which we discuss in this episode that are covered too. 

I personally wanted to encourage people to go to the conference because I myself have learnt so much at the events. I’ve spoken at the conference, did training and roundtables, but most importantly I’ve met the most amazing people in the industry. 

Jo Walters is part of the Rough Agenda crew who put the event together. She’s based in Brighton and covers the marketing and communication. Her background started at her Student’s Union so she’d organise freshers weeks etc. 

She says, “Brighton SEO is a bit like freshers week, it’s big event with lots of people from all over the world.” 

There are great speakers and topics at the event. I found I go now to know that what I’m doing is right and not just to learn new things. It’s reassuring to know that others have similar struggles. It could also reinforce existing knowledge as well as perfect for beginners. I’ve used it to meet new people (or people I know from Twitter) find new tools, platforms in the industry via the stalls and the main point is that there’s a great buzz. It truly is a fresher’s week!

Who should go to Brighton SEO?

Everyone. There are workshops on the fundamental and beginners but also advanced topics for the pros. It ranges from technical to content and even psychology and neuroscience of online behaviour!  

Apart from SEO, the event organises Yoga on the i360, a beach clean and parties of course, then there’s a running club so you can jog around Brighton in the morning and then the obligatory club nights and pub talks with friends. It’s about the community and not just SEO which I love. 

Jo has seen a variety of people attend, from freelancers, inhouse SEOs in small and big brands to agency people. Of all levels as well, including generalists who work on other channels but want to learn more about search engine optimisation. 

“There’s a real mix and because it’s multi-track you can pick the talks that are relevant to you.”

Ever since the venue grew, so did the topics. There’s PPC (Pay Per Click), Social Media tracks and even wellbeing and burnout awareness! Isn’t it cool that there’s a meditation taster session too? It’s a nice contrast of the hustle mentality, there are reminders that you can only be your best self at work if you’re feeling calm and in control. 

Even if you’re a pro at SEO, you can learn new things. There’ll always be a certain (different way to you) that someone does something. There’s also new developments and Google keeps us on our toes with Google algorithm changes. There was 1 year when there was a big change on the day of Brighton SEO… as if they knew all SEOs will be in one place at one time ;). Anyway, even if there’s a speaker talking about a large or expensive campaign they did, you can still take away aspects with you to implement yourself. 

What Speakers to See?

Greg Gifford is always entertaining and engaging. He usually speaks about Local SEO but it’s about Entity SEO & the future this time. He’s doing a local training class on Thursday though!  

If you’re into technical SEO, I recommend Aleyda Solis and Fili Wiese. Learn more about AMP, sitemaps, audits etc. These two are experts in what they do.  

Should you go if you’re a generalist in Digital Marketing?

Yes. Learn more about SEO and how it connects with other channels.Get a feel for the industry and sector. Get to know what is around because you may be interested in a particular topic. The talks are a taster and a great overview. Use those to decide what to delve into. 

Brighton SEO has audio podcasts where they record the speakers. Find out more and buy or grab a free tickets for the next conference: BrightonSEO.com

Twitter: @BrightonSEO  

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