25 | Breaking the 9 to 5 with SEO Jo Blogs

We chat about events, networking and working from home. It’s not only about remote working but also how it’s important to get out of your house to go to events and meet people.

I spoke at one of Jo’s events this year and absolutely loved it. SEO Jo Blogs is Search London meetup group owner, which celebrated it’s 8th year. The next event is in February 2019 in Bounce in London and they’re still looking for sponsors so get in touch with Jo!

If you’re looking to upskill yourself or find out something new about the SEO industry, it’s a super casual event to have a drink and chat with fellow industry peers. They have a variety of speakers and subjects.

Some of the highlights of 2018 was technical SEO talks where you could get your geek on. Speakers that also offered actionable insights were liked and what’s great is that they are approachable so you can ask them questions.

Speakers include myself, Chris Green (remember I spoke to him in episode 10) and Aleyda Solis.

Companies like Distilled and Searchmetrics also spoke at the event before and they’re able to offer insights based on real data.


SEO & Digital Marketing Events in 2019 (not just in London)
4.20 mins.

London SEO meetup
EU Search Awards
Disneyland – event on Jan 18th?
Marketing Meetup by Joe Glover
International Search Summit
Wordpress meetups
Why Network & go to events?
6 mins.

Meet like-minded people
Broaden your horizons and learn something new, find out more about the subjects in which you work. It’s researching and branching into other areas within the industry.
Keep on top of algorithm updates!
Meet people who may require your services and vice versa.
People in the industry can help each other and offer advice.
13:50. Working from home.

Remote working is fantastic but depends on the company. It’s difficult to find as a lot of people would want to do this but a lot of companies feel that you’re wasted at home and can’t offer input if you’re not in the office (especially if good with client interaction.) Others have an old mindset asking what are they doing at home they should be in the office.

You can save up to 4 hours when you don’t need to do a long commute. This offers you a great life, work balance. It means you can go to the gym before your working day or during your lunch time offering a better quality of life. Staff are happier, healthier and work more effectively.

Throughout the week you’re brought into meetings so days at home help you do reporting and analytical pieces without being pulled into conversations. Be more strategic rather than reactive.

17:40. Online marketing is a good industry to work from home.

All you need is a computer, internet connection and phone, and maybe a private space at home. Obviously if you’re working in construction then you can’t remote work but you can in the digital marketing industry. Working with international clients is easier too because as long as you get the job done anywhere, you can have calls online. Many companies have contractors or freelancers, all of which work from home so why is this different for permanent staff?

When I worked at Tesco, the company encouraged work from home days because they didn’t have enough space in their head office. It came down to hot desking and telling people to work at home due to logistics. It’s also expensive to rent buildings so this may increase in the future, especially in London.

CNBC report across 96 countries said 70% of people globally work from home at least one day a week (IWG.)

Being in the office doesn’t necessarily mean being productive or efficient. As the population is growing too there may be more need for this. If you’re employing your employees then surely you should trust them wherever they are. Employer should place trust in the employee for remote working.

As an employee you should go above and beyond because you don’t have the commute to do. Be grateful and be motivated that the company allowed you this option of working from home in the first place.

Don’t forget it’s important to meet people and come out of the house that’s why networking and events are so useful too!

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