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57 | Schema Markup and Position 0 with Richard Keenan-Heard from Trainline

Richard Keenan-Heard is Head of SEO at Trainline. He leads a team of specialists who create content in 18 languages as they sell train tickets to 45 countries in total.  They look to offer the lowest price and on time for their customers. They aim to help people find Trainline when they’re looking where to […]


56 | Video SEO Optimisation with Aleyda Solis

I’m honoured to have Aleyda Solis on the show, talking about video and optimising it for search, be it YouTube or Google. Aleyda is an international SEO **superstar** consultant focusing on SEO. She tends to work with companies who are big brands or on the flip side, with startups that have aggressive goals to grow […]


55 | Pure Link Building for Beginners with Kris Reid

Kris Reid from Ardor SEO, an SEO agency based in South East Asia and globally.  Kris is a link building expert who started with this strand of SEO and now doing content and analysis for his clients.  He learnt software engineering and worked in finance before the financial crisis. Then he travelled the world and […]