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38 | Full Funnel Approach with David Schulhof

Dave Schulhof is CEO at Red Hot Penny, a digital marketing agency that specialises in search. He’s a speaker raising awareness of the challenge of that full funnel approach. In this episode we talk about why it is important for a brand to have a full funnel approach. How do you approach digital marketing? Dave […]


37 | Ranking Factors with Jason Barnard

Jason Barnard does the SEOisAEO webinar (now a podcast.) He has done 60+ interviews with very smart people in the industry, including myself of course ;), and has covered various SEO topics. The AEO bit stands for Answer Engine Optimisation so it’s that idea of how do we empower Google to answer those questions that […]


36 | SEO in a Mobile First World with Alexander Royle from BBC

Alex is Head of Audience Development for the commercial areas of the BBC, such as BBC Good Food, Top Gear etc. He has 15 years experience in the search industry and which is also of varied level, from enterprise to startups. The reason our paths crossed was because Alex was going to do a talk […]