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31 | Technical SEO in 2019 with Fili Wiese

Fili Wiese is an SEO expert at Search Brothers. He used to work at Google, specifically in Search Quality and now helps clients with visibility. He specialises in technical SEO and I’ve seen him do a site speed presentation (at SearchMetrics) that blew my mind. Fundamental Technical SEO areas It’s important to start with accessibility […]


30 | Leveraging PPC & Digital Data for SEO with Arnout Hellemans

What do we do? “We optimise stuff” says Arnout Hellemans, my podcast guest this week. I loved our chat and learning something completely new as it’s all about leveraging PPC and other digital channels for SEO. Arnout is Dutch and lives in Amsterdam. He has been freelancing, doing SEO, PPC and conversion, analytics work since […]