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29 | Filters and Facets on Ecommerce Sites with Sean Butcher

Filters and facets are an issue for all e-commerce sites. Think I sound cocky? Well keep listening because you may have an issue and not even know about it… Sean Butcher is Head of SEO at Blue Array, a Consultancy & Agency or Consulgency as they’ve patented. They are planning to double the team this […]


28 | Headless CMS with Samuel Hurley and Antonio Wedral

This episode is perfect for those looking to get a headless CMS (custom content management system rather than Magento) and looking for top tips for 2019. We also cover JavaScript, great content and the interiors industry specifically. An exciting chat where I have two people on the show for the first time! Sam Hurley and […]


27 | How to Prepare for Voice Search with John Brasington

Voice search is still at this, ‘how is this thing going to work?’ stage. So, I’ve brought in a guest who has been doing lots of testing and experimenting around voice search. John Brasington, Head of Search at Pi Datametrics, has a background in technical SEO but gets the freedom to do a lot of […]