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23 | Editorial Processes with Lucy Crossfield

Lucy Crossfield used to work in the team I currently manage at Amara before I joined the company! We did meet beforehand though at a blogger event that Amara ran, which was at Wedgwood museum for a pottery class and tour. Now she is Deputy Editor at MVF Global and leads a team of writers. […]


22 | Crawling and Indexing with Charlie Williams

Charlie and I met at a Brighton SEO speakers party a couple of years ago and so we thought we’d catch up about SEO tech, specifically crawling and indexing to help you with the fundamentals. Twitter: @pagesauce Email: [email protected] Site: Charlie works as an SEO consultant at Chopped but used to work for Screaming […]


21 | Technical Bugbears with Google | GDPR, JS & HTML

Simon Cox has been in the SEO industry for a few years but has been building websites for 25 years. He has done different aspects of SEO from 1998, when keywords were a thing! For a long time, he worked with HSBC until he went freelance last year, after dragging the bank into the 21st […]