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51 | Brand with Aiden Carroll

This episode covers brand; why it’s important especially in the digital marketing world and SEO within that.  Aiden Carroll joins me. He is co-founder of The Coloring in Department and has been in the education industry for over 12 years. He enjoys making education fun or as Aiden calls it ‘edu-tainment’.  Why is Brand Important […]


39 | Different Ranking Factors on Page 1 of Google with Tom Capper

Tom Capper from Distilled shares his theory on the two-tiered result pages for head terms.  Distilled are a London SEO agency and consultancy firm, I personally know them for their great work on content and outreach but they do other aspects of SEO also.  Tom runs the London consultancy team but focuses on data-driven interests […]


37 | Ranking Factors with Jason Barnard

Jason Barnard does the SEOisAEO webinar (now a podcast.) He has done 60+ interviews with very smart people in the industry, including myself of course ;), and has covered various SEO topics. The AEO bit stands for Answer Engine Optimisation so it’s that idea of how do we empower Google to answer those questions that […]